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  1. The aim of this retrospective investigation was to evaluate the incidence of loss to pulp sensibility testing (PST) of maxillary front teeth after paramedian (3 to 5 mm away from the suture) orthodontic mini-i...

    Authors: Jan Hourfar, Dirk Bister, Jörg A. Lisson and Björn Ludwig
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2017 13:1
  2. The success of bone augmentation to a major degree depends on the biomechanics and biological conditions of the surrounding tissues. Therefore, an animal model is needed providing anatomical sites with similar...

    Authors: Ivan Valdivia-Gandur, Wilfried Engelke, Víctor Beltrán, Eduardo Borie, Ramón Fuentes and María Cristina Manzanares-Céspedes
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:35
  3. Nasal deformity associated with cleft lip and palate is a highly challenging reconstructive problem in rhinoplasty. In the literature, several operative solutions and evaluation methods have been described, ho...

    Authors: Gabor Vass, Gabor Mohos, Zsofia Bere, Laszlo Ivan, Janos Varga, Jozsef Piffko and Laszlo Rovo
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:34
  4. In this study, we report a rare case of an adult patient with essential palatal tremors (EPT) presenting as nasal clicks, instead of otic clicks or objective pulsatile tinnitus in common EPT.

    Authors: Yufeng Ye, Shiyu Liao, Baozhen Luo and Liyan Ni
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:33
  5. The accurate detection of approximal caries is generally difficult. The aim of this study was to assess the ability of the pen-type laser fluorescence device (LF pen) to detect approximal carious lesions in co...

    Authors: M. Bizhang, N. Wollenweber, P. Singh-Hüsgen, G. Danesh and S. Zimmer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:30
  6. The present study aimed to investigate the prevalence of oral microbiota (Candida species (spp.), Streptococcus mutans, and Lactobacilli) in patients with multibracket (MB) appliances in relation to the quality o...

    Authors: Katharina Klaus, Johanna Eichenauer, Rhea Sprenger and Sabine Ruf
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:28
  7. Despite being considered a non-invasive procedure, injections can cause adverse outcomes including infections, overfilling, asymmetry, foreign body granulomas, and reactions that lead to scarring. Complication...

    Authors: Sigal Tal, Hillel S. Maresky, Theodore Bryan, Ella Ziv, Dov Klein, Assaf Persitz and Lior Heller
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:27
  8. To assess, analyze and compare the results of graft uptake using Tragal Cartilage-Perichondrium Composite (TCPC) graft with Temporalis Fascia (TF) graft in patients who undergoing surgery for chronic otitis me...

    Authors: S. Khalilullah, Shankar P. Shah, D. Yadav, R. P. Shrivastav and H. Bhattarai
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:26
  9. In current study we aimed to examine the effect of a low-level laser therapy on the pain, mouth opening and swelling of patients whose impacted 3rd molar tooth was extracted in addition measurement volumetrica...

    Authors: Hilal Alan, Ümit Yolcu, Mahmut Koparal, Cem Özgür, Seyit Ahmet Öztürk and Sıddık Malkoç
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:25
  10. To review the cases of accidental aspiration and ingestion of foreign objects during dental procedure, and to emphasize the importance of thorough documentation of the accidents.

    Authors: Rui Hou, Hongzhi Zhou, Kaijin Hu, Yuxiang Ding, Xia Yang, Guangjie Xu, Peng Xue, Chun Shan, Sen Jia and Yuanyuan Ma
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:23
  11. The aim of this retrospective study was to measure tooth and crowns axes of canines, first and second bicuspids of orthodontically untreated subjects with near normal occlusion to: 1. Define norms and reveal p...

    Authors: Jan Hourfar, Dirk Bister, Jörg A. Lisson, Christine Goldbecher and Björn Ludwig
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:22
  12. Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH), previously known as Histiocytosis X, is an infrequent disease that congregates a wide spectrum of clinical presentations with variable systemic involvement. Unification of ...

    Authors: Alex Vargas, Hernán Ramírez, Pablo Ramírez, Camila Foncea, Bernardo Venegas and Paula Astorga
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:21
  13. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of Er,Cr:YSGG laser assisted periodontal therapy on the reduction of oral malodor and periodontal disease.

    Authors: Ömür Dereci, Mükerrem Hatipoğlu, Alper Sindel, Sinan Tozoğlu and Kemal Üstün
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:20
  14. To determine the shear bond strength and adhesive remnant index of a new premixed self-etching primer and adhesive (Tectosan, BonaDent, Germany) for orthodontic appliances in comparison to a reference total-et...

    Authors: Michael Schauseil, Sonja Blöcher, Andreas Hellak, Matthias J. Roggendorf, Steffen Stein and Heike Korbmacher-Steiner
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:19
  15. Oral lichen Planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disease involving skin and mucous membranes. Its etiology is still uncertain whilst an autoimmune mechanism is known to be implicated. OLP is commonly conside...

    Authors: Dorina Lauritano, Mariantonietta Arrica, Alberta Lucchese, Marina Valente, Giuseppe Pannone, Carlo Lajolo, Rossella Ninivaggi and Massimo Petruzzi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:18
  16. Ablative tumor surgery often results in continuity defects of the mandible. When an immediate reconstruction using autologous bone grafts is not possible the bridging of the defects with a variety of bridging ...

    Authors: Bernd Reitemeier, Christine Schöne, Raoul Lesche, Günter Lauer, Matthias C. Schulz and Jutta Markwardt
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:17
  17. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of head and neck pathologies on the detection rate, configuration and diameter of the thoracic duct (TD) and right lymphatic duct (RLD) in computed tomogra...

    Authors: Ferdinand J. Kammerer, Benedikt Schlude, Michael A. Kuefner, Philipp Schlechtweg, Matthias Hammon, Michael Uder and Siegfried A. Schwab
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:15
  18. Craniofacial microsomia is a common congenital condition for which children receive longitudinal, multidisciplinary team care. However, little is known about the etiology of craniofacial microsomia and few out...

    Authors: Craig B. Birgfeld, Carrie L. Heike, Babette S. Saltzman, Brian G. Leroux, Kelly N. Evans and Daniela V. Luquetti
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:14
  19. Biomedical science, especially biomaterials, is an expanding field in medicine. Universities are being challenged to gain the best students for a later academic career. Pre-university assessment of pupils has ...

    Authors: Christian Klümper, Jörg Neunzehn, Ute Wegmann, Benjamin Kruppke, Ulrich Joos and Hans Peter Wiesmann
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:13
  20. The editors of Head & Face Medicine would like to thank all reviewers who have contributed their time and expertise to the journal in Volume 11 (2015).

    Authors: Thomas Stamm, Ulrich Meyer and Hans Peter Wiesmann
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:10
  21. The Interventional Neuroradiology is becoming more important in the interdisciplinary treatment of acute haemorrhages due to vascular erosion and vascular tumors in the head and neck area. The authors report o...

    Authors: Katharina Storck, Kornelia Kreiser, Johannes Hauber, Anna-Maria Buchberger, Rainer Staudenmaier, Kilian Kreutzer and Murat Bas
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:6
  22. Secreted growth factors and cytokines in the conditioned medium from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC-CM) have several effects on cell behavior. Our previous studies revealed that MSC-CM enhance...

    Authors: Wataru Katagiri, Masashi Osugi, Takamasa Kawai and Hideharu Hibi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:5
  23. The management of bisphosphonate related necrosis of the jaw has become clinical routine. While approximately two thirds of the lesions are in the mandible, one third is located in the maxilla. In 40–50 % of m...

    Authors: Pit Jacob Voss, Gustavo Vargas Soto, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Kiwako Izumi, Andres Stricker, Gido Bittermann and Philipp Poxleitner
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:3
  24. To our best knowledge, there was little research to assess the changes of quality of life and satisfaction after orthognathic in one trial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes of oral health rela...

    Authors: Shengbin Huang, Weiting Chen, Zhenyu Ni and Yu Zhou
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:2
  25. Many reconstruction materials for orbital floor fractures have been described in the past including autologous bone transplants, resorbable polymers and titan meshes. So far evidence is missing which material ...

    Authors: Henrik Holtmann, Hatice Eren, Karoline Sander, Norbert R. Kübler and Jörg Handschel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2016 12:1
  26. A South African girl with CANDLE Syndrome is reported with emphasis on the orodental features and dental management. Clinical manifestations included short stature, wasting of the soft tissue of the arms and l...

    Authors: T. Roberts, L. Stephen, C. Scott, T. di Pasquale, A. Naser-eldin, M. Chetty, S. Shaik, L. Lewandowski and P. Beighton
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:38
  27. Impacted third molar removal is a routine procedure in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a second generation platelet concentration which is produced by simplified protocol. The aim...

    Authors: Ozkan Ozgul, Fatma Senses, Nilay Er, Umut Tekin, Hakan Hıfzı Tuz, Alper Alkan, Ismail Doruk Kocyigit and Fethi Atil
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:37
  28. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of submucosal application of tramadol, for acute postoperative facial pain, following the extraction of impacted third molar teeth. This prospective, dou...

    Authors: Onur Gönül, Tülin Satılmış, Ferit Bayram, Gökhan Göçmen, Aysegül Sipahi and Kamil Göker
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:35
  29. The objective of this study was to evaluate the changes of skeletal and dental structures in mild to moderate skeletal Class III children following the use of a new magnetic orthopedic appliance (MOA-III).

    Authors: Ning Zhao, Jing Feng, Zheng Hu, Rongjing Chen and Gang Shen
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:34
  30. The annual examination of first graders’ oral health as stipulated by law aimed to reach every child in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) in their first year of school. We intended to evaluate the first graders’ ...

    Authors: Jens Weusmann, Benjamin Mahmoodi, Adriano Azaripour, Kristian Kordsmeyer, Christian Walter and Brita Willershausen
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:33
  31. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of etching time with 15 % hydrochloric acid (HCl) on the enamel surface destruction by studying the resulting roughness and erosion depth.

    Authors: W H Arnold, B. Haddad, K. Schaper, K. Hagemann, C. Lippold and Gh. Danesh
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:32
  32. To assess the types and frequencies of clinical complications experienced when using a modified lingual Herbst appliance and to compare these with those associated with conventional Herbst appliances reported ...

    Authors: Dirk Wiechmann, Julius Vu, Rainer Schwestka-Polly, Hans-Joachim Helms and Michael Knösel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:31
  33. The lack of surgeons will be a future major problem in patient care for multifaceted reasons. Niche specialties such as OMFS face an additional drawback because of the need for dual qualification. Special surg...

    Authors: Florian Bauer, Steffen Koerdt, Niklas Rommel, Klaus-Dietrich Wolff, Marco R. Kesting and Jochen Weitz
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:30
  34. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) play an important role in extracellular matrix mineralization, a complex process required for proper bone regeneration, one of the bigges...

    Authors: Casiano Del Angel-Mosqueda, Yolanda Gutiérrez-Puente, Ada Pricila López-Lozano, Ricardo Emmanuel Romero-Zavaleta, Andrés Mendiola-Jiménez, Carlos Eduardo Medina-De la Garza, Marcela Márquez-M and Myriam Angélica De la Garza-Ramos
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:29
  35. Pain caused by orthodontic treatment can affect patient’s compliance and even force them to terminate treatments. The aim of this meta-analysis is to evaluate of the analgesic effect of low level laser therapy...

    Authors: Quan Shi, Shuo Yang, Fangfang Jia and Juan Xu
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:28

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