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Table 2 Mean ± standard deviation (SD) of angular deviation (degrees) of impression copings. Significance (Sig.) columns show the statistical groups. Same capital letters in the same row and same lower cases in the same column show no statistically significance (P > 0.05)

From: Comparison of the accuracy of different impression procedures in case of multiple and angulated implants

Test groupsModel 1Model 2Model 3
Mean ± SDSig.Mean
± SD
± SD
Implant level impression techniquesSplinted hexed copingSH0,7 ± 0,06A,a1,05 ± 0,04B,a1,13 ± 0,20C,a
Non-splinted hexed copingNSH1,08 ± 0,21A,b1,19 ± 0,18B,b1,28 ± 0,13C,b
Splinted non-hex copingSNH0,75 ± 0,11A,a0,65 ± 0,07A,c0,77 ± 0,02A,c
Non-splinted non-hex copingNSNH1,09 ± 0,15A,b1,02 ± 0,18A,a,b1,12 ± 0,22B,b
Abutment level impression techniquesSplinted multi-unit copingSMU0,84 ± 0,12A,a0,88 ± 0,03A,d0,91 ± 0,17A,d
Non-splinted multi-unit copingNSMU0,99 ± 0,09A,b0,94 ± 0,14A,d1,02 ± 0,06B,d