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Table 4 Descriptive statistics calculated from exported geometries of the surface comparisons. There are no differences in the total absolute deviations (mm) between digital plaster casts and intraoral scans concerning the different patient variables. Cases with extreme values (outliers with mean values greater than 0.04 mm or less than −0.04 mm) were manually inspected and the source of error was assed

From: Accuracy of intraoral scans in the mixed dentition: a prospective non-randomized comparative clinical trial

 Total absolute deviation [mm]Outliers / error source
meanstd. dev.medianMinbMaxbcaseaalginatescan
Males0.0200.0220.013−0.0640.07714u, 16u, 19l, 26l41
Females0.0230.0310.017−0.1580.04915u, 21l, 22u2 
Early mixed dentition0.0180.0170.013−0.0640.05114u, 16u, 22u, 26l,41
Late mixed dentition0.0270.0380.016−0.1580.07715u, 19l, 21l3 
Upper jaw0.0220.0340.012−0.1580.02114u, 15u, 16u, 22u2 
Lower jaw0.0210.0190.015−0.0110.07719l, 21l , 26l3 
Angle class I0.0150.0170.008−0.0050.04921l1 
Angle class II/10.0240.0380.012−0.1580.03814u, 15u, 16u31
Angle class II/20.0320.0220.029−0.0430.07719l, 22u  
Angle class III0.0150.0130.017−0.0180.05126l1 
  1. acase number (u upper jaw, l lower jaw)
  2. bdeviation from alginate scan