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Fig. 5

From: TMJ pathomorphology in patients with JIA-radiographic parameters for early diagnosis-

Fig. 5

Examples of OPTs of a girl with juvenile, rheumatoid factor negative polyarthritis (initial diagnosis 08/1996) that demonstrate the time course of the disease. The progressive condylar flattening over a period of 8 years is clear. a The patient is 10 years old at this time. Condyle morphology appears nearly normal. Only an initial condyle flattening on the left side can be suspected. b Two years later there is a condyle flattening on the right side and slightly condyle flattening on the left side. c Patient is 14 years old. The left condyle also shows a severe flattening, the right condyle shows a progressive flattening. d One year later at the age of 15 the patient shows a clear bilateral flattening. e At the age of 18 both condyles are pronounced pathomorphologically and flattened. Bilateral ashortened Processus condylaris can be seen

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