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Fig. 2

From: TMJ pathomorphology in patients with JIA-radiographic parameters for early diagnosis-

Fig. 2

Construction of condyle (CH)-, ramus (RH)- and mandible height (MH) in a pronounced asymmetric mandible with shortened Ramus mandibulae on the right side. Tangent T1 was constructed through the most lateral point of the mandible condyle (Co)- and the angle of the mandible (An). A tangent T2 was drawn on the base of the lower jaw. The intersection of T1 and T2 produced the Gonion (Go). CH, MH and RH could be measured by the constructions of parallels P1, P2 and P3 running vertically to T1 through the highest point of the mandibular head (Ca) mandibular notch (In) and Go

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