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Fig. 4

From: Protective effect and related mechanisms of curcumin in rat experimental periodontitis

Fig. 4

Effects of curcumin on OPG/sRANKL ratio in culture supernatants of rat gingival fibroblasts. LPS downregulated OPG release from gingival fibroblasts; Curcumin reduced the downregulation (a). The sRANKL level in the culture supernatant of the LPS-treated cells was significantly higher than that of the control cells. LPS upregulated sRANKL release from gingival fibroblasts; curcumin reduced this upregulation (b). The OPG/sRANKL ratio decreased significantly in the LPS group. Curcumin inhibited the LPS-induced decrease in the OPG/sRANKL ratio (c). *Different from Control group (P < 0.05). # Different from LPS group (P < 0.05). & Different from LPS+ Curcumin (10 μM) group (P < 0.05)

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