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Table 1 OHIP-49 divided in the seven domains, with example of statement for each domain

From: The influence of immediately loaded implant treatment in the atrophic edentulous maxilla on oral health related quality of life of edentulous patients: 3-year results of a prospective study

Domain Questions Example of statements
1 Functional limitation 1–9 I’ve had trouble pronouncing some words
2 Physical pain 10–18 My dentures have been uncomfortable
3 Psychological discomfort 19–23 I’ve been a bit irritable because of dental troubles
4 Physical disability 24–32 My speech has been unclear
5 Psychological disability 33–38 My concentration has been affected
6 Social disability 39–43 I’ve been less tolerant of my spouse
7 Handicap 44–49 I’ve been limited in my work