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Table 4 Treatments useful for Chronic Recurrent Dislocation

From: Evaluation of the mechanism and principles of management of temporomandibular joint dislocation. Systematic review of literature and a proposed new classification of temporomandibular joint dislocation

Conservative Treatment of Recurrent dislocation No. of patients
Chemical Capsuloraphy ?
   Sodium monoruate  
   Sodium psyliate (Sylnasol)  
   Sodium tetradecyl sulphate  
Autologous blood capsuloraphy 18
Platelet rich plasma capsuloraphy ?
Botulinium toxin A toxin muscle injection 2
To restrict condylar movement  
Surgical capsuloraphy/Restitution of ligaments ?
Use of Mersilene or fascia lata around condylar neck ?
Internal Lateral pterygoid myotomy 15
External Lateral pterygoid myotomy 1
Open Condylotomy 4
Closed Condylotomy 2
To recreate mechanical obstruction along condylar path  
Anterior reposition/forward placement of disc ?
Downward and inward fracture of zygomatic bone ?
Eminoplasty with screws or L shaped pins 3
Eminoplasty with plates, mini-anchors 24
Eminoplasty with inlay bone grafts (Norman procedure) 4
Eminoplasty with onlay bone gafts (Dautery procedure) 60
To remove mechanical obstacle along condylar path  
Eminectomy (Standard) 95
Eminectomy (Modified) 1
Arthroscopic eminectomy 5
  1. ? (Questionable)-signify that the number of cases treated by the treatment method could not be obtained.