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Table 3 Treatments Useful for Chronic protracted dislocation

From: Evaluation of the mechanism and principles of management of temporomandibular joint dislocation. Systematic review of literature and a proposed new classification of temporomandibular joint dislocation

Conservative Treatment of Chronic protracted dislocation No. of patients
Manual reduction without anaesthesia 0
Manual reduction with Local Anaesthesia (L.A)+ sedation 1
Manual reduction with L.A +sedation + nerve block 1
Manual reduction with General Anaesthesia (GA) 13
Assisted (open) reduction with General Anaesthesia 1
Elastic traction with Intermaxillary fixation 1
Traction with bone hook 1
Mandibular guidance therapy 1
To reposition condyle in fossa (There was much restriction of movement)  
Temporalis Myotomy 4
High Condylotomy ?
To correct fusion and restore the joint ( There was complete restriction of movement )  
Low Condylotomy ?
Condylectomy (for chronic lateral dislocation) 2
Gap Arthroplasty (for superior dislocation) 8
To maintain new joint and correct occlusion (There was little restriction of movement)  
Horizontal subsigmoid osteotomy ?
Vertical/Oblique Osteotomy 9
Inverted L Shaped Osteotomy 1
Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy 1
Midline Mandibulotomy 1