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  1. Content type: Research

    The detection of possible root canal perforations caused during a metal post placement is frequently difficult to diagnose. The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy of apex locators to diagnose su...

    Authors: Benjamín Briseño Marroquín, Claudia Cortazar Fernández, Irene Schmidtmann, Brita Willershausen and Fernando Goldberg

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:57

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    The aim of this study was to compare the biological interaction of human osteoblasts and cells of the human periodontal ligament (PDL) with different endodontic restorative material as Mineral Trioxide Aggrega...

    Authors: Susanne Jung, Jana Mielert, Johannes Kleinheinz and Till Dammaschke

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:55

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    The aim of this study is to use porous high-density polyethylene grafts (Medpor) in open rhinoplasty and then assess complication rate and aesthetic outcomes.

    Authors: Shabahang Mohammadi, Mohammad Mohseni, Masoumeh Eslami, Hessein Arabzadeh and Morteza Eslami

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:52

    Published on:

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Head & Face Medicine 2015 11:27

  4. Content type: Research

    Dental implants have been associated with the occurrence of postoperative rhinosinusitis. In some patients, preoperative sinus lifting must be performed to increase the chances of successful implant placement....

    Authors: Gurkan Kayabasoglu, Alpen Nacar, Aytug Altundag, Melih Cayonu, Mehmet Muhtarogullari and Cemal Cingi

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:53

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research

    Three-dimensional landmarks of the face are important for orthodontic examination, harmony assessment and treatment planning. Currently, facial landmarks are often measured by orthodontists via direct observat...

    Authors: Carsten Lippold, Xiang Liu, Kim Wangdo, Burkhard Drerup, Kristina Schreiber, Christian Kirschneck, Tatjana Moiseenko and Gholamreza Danesh

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:54

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research

    We aimed to compare the shear bond strength (SBS) of three different retainer wires and three different bonding adhesives in consideration of the pretreatment process of enamel surface sandblasting.

    Authors: Claudia Reicheneder, Bernd Hofrichter, Andreas Faltermeier, Peter Proff, Carsten Lippold and Christian Kirschneck

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:51

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research

    Insufficient information exists on comparing radiological differences in bone density of the regeneration rate in the alveolar bone of the maxilla and mandible following the creation of similar defects in both.

    Authors: Marthinus J Kotze, Kurt-W Bütow, Steve A Olorunju and Harry F Kotze

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:50

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research

    Most dental procedures require a dry working environment. Although many evaporative drying methods are available, an additional reduction of salivary flow would often be helpful.

    Authors: Maximilian Satzl, Albrecht Schmierer, Florian Zeman, Gottfried Schmalz and Thomas Loew

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:49

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research

    Headaches are probably the commonest neurological complaint worldwide. Amongst workers it contributes significantly to loss of productive time and work efficiency. It is an important cause of disability and re...

    Authors: Ikenna Onwuekwe, Tonia Onyeka, Emmanuel Aguwa, Birinus Ezeala-Adikaibe, Oluchi Ekenze and Elias Onuora

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:48

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Case report

    Incisor trauma is common in children, and can cause severe complications during adolescent growth and development. This report describes the treatment of a 16-year-old patient with severe anterior open bite du...

    Authors: Feiou Lin, Hao Sun, Linjie Yao, Qiushuo Chen and Zhenyu Ni

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:47

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research

    The occurrence of side-effects of fixed orthodontic therapy, such as white-spot lesions and root resorption, are known to be significantly more frequent with increasing duration of treatment. Multi-bracket tre...

    Authors: Michael Knösel, Elisabeth Klang, Hans-Joachim Helms and Dirk Wiechmann

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:46

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research

    Recently, medical rapid prototyping (MRP) models, fabricated with computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) techniques, have been applied to reconstructive surgery in the treatment of head...

    Authors: Masaki Azuma, Toru Yanagawa, Naomi Ishibashi–Kanno, Fumihiko Uchida, Takaaki Ito, Kenji Yamagata, Shogo Hasegawa, Kaoru Sasaki, Koji Adachi, Katsuhiko Tabuchi, Mitsuru Sekido and Hiroki Bukawa

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:45

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Research

    To evaluate efficiency of pivot splints in jaw exercises, in combination with stabilization splints, in cases of anterior disc displacement without reduction of temporomandibular joint.

    Authors: Mehmet Muhtarogullari, Mehmet Avci and Bulem Yuzugullu

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:42

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Case report

    Ectopic thyroid tissue of nasopharynx is an uncommon phenomenon and papillary thyroid carcinoma arising from the tissue is extremely rare. The authors report a rare case of 16-year-old girl with papillary thyr...

    Authors: Linli Tian, Yufei Jiao, Ming Liu, Minghua Li and Hongchao Yao

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:40

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research

    Over the last years, electronic cigarettes (ECs) have become more popular, particularly in individuals who want to give up smoking tobacco. The aim of the present study was to assess the influence of the diffe...

    Authors: Ines Willershausen, Thomas Wolf, Veronika Weyer, Robert Sader, Shahram Ghanaati and Brita Willershausen

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:39

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research

    Presenting a new method for direct, quantitative analysis of enamel surface. Measurement of adhesive remnants and enamel loss resulting from debonding molar tubes.

    Authors: Joanna Janiszewska-Olszowska, Katarzyna Tandecka, Tomasz Szatkiewicz, Katarzyna Sporniak-Tutak and Katarzyna Grocholewicz

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:37

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research

    It has been widely demonstrated that the hedgehog pathway is strongly associated with basal cell carcinoma of the skin (NBCCS). To assess potential DNA alterations related to keratocystic odontogenic tumors (K...

    Authors: Zhang Rui, Peng Li-Ying, Qu Jia-Fei, Hong Ying-Ying, Chen Feng and Li Tie-Jun

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:36

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Review

    Peri-implant inflammations represent serious diseases after dental implant treatment, which affect both the surrounding hard and soft tissue. Due to prevalence rates up to 56%, peri-implantitis can lead to the...

    Authors: Ralf Smeets, Anders Henningsen, Ole Jung, Max Heiland, Christian Hammächer and Jamal M Stein

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:34

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research

    The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the periodontal effects during rapid palatal expansion (RPE) or slow palatal expansion (SPE) and to compare them by means of some clinical indices, in order to estab...

    Authors: Stefano Mummolo, Enrico Marchetti, Francesca Albani, Vincenzo Campanella, Filippo Pugliese, Salvatore Di Martino, Simona Tecco and Giuseppe Marzo

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:30

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research

    Specific physical and chemical features of the membranes may influence the healing of periodontal tissues after guided tissue regeneration (GTR). The aim of the present investigation was to analyze the biologi...

    Authors: Michelle Pereira Costa Mundim Soares, Paulo Vinícius Soares, Analice Giovani Pereira, Camilla Christian Gomes Moura, Priscila Barbosa Ferreira Soares, Lucas Zago Naves and Denildo de Magalhães

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:29

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Research

    A study of the whole spectrum of biopsied head and neck (HN) diseases in Taiwan has not yet been performed. Therefore, the current study aimed to provide updated information about HN lesions in a cohort of ref...

    Authors: Frank Lei, Ping-Ho Chen, Jing-Yi Chen, Wen-Chen Wang, Li-Min Lin, Hsien-Cheng Huang, Kun-Yen Ho, Chung-Ho Chen and Yuk-Kwan Chen

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:28

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Case report

    Management of significant facial asymmetry presents a challenge due to the geometric complexity of the bony and other facial structures. Manual model surgery is an essential part of treatment planning but it c...

    Authors: Laszlo Seres, Endre Varga Jr, Andras Kocsis, Zoltan Rasko, Balazs Bago, Endre Varga and Jozsef Piffko

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:27

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research

    Maintaining or regenerating a vital pulp is a preferable goal in current endodontic research. In this study, human dental pulp cell aggregates (spheres) were applied onto bovine and human root canal models to ...

    Authors: Jörg Neunzehn, Marie-Theres Weber, Gretel Wittenburg, Günter Lauer, Christian Hannig and Hans-Peter Wiesmann

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:25

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Research

    Excessive compressive and shear stresses are likely related to condylar resorption and disc perforation. Few studies have reported the disc displacement and deformation during jaw opening. The aim of this stud...

    Authors: Qihong Li, Shuang Ren, Cheng Ge, Haiyan Sun, Hong Lu, Yinzhong Duan and Qiguo Rong

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:24

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Case report

    To describe a case with dislodgement of dental bridge with clasps covering the vocal cords, in a patient who was successfully intubated using tube exchanger under video-assisted laryngoscopy.

    Authors: Hiroshi Hidaka, Takahiro Suzuki, Hiroaki Toyama, Shin Kurosawa, Kazuhiro Nomura and Yukio Katori

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:23

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Short report

    This report introduces a lingual bonded retraction system (Kinematics of Lingual Bar on Non-Paralleling Technique, KILBON) for efficient sliding mechanics combined with vertical control of the anterior and pos...

    Authors: Soon-Yong Kwon, Hyo-Won Ahn, Seong-Hun Kim, Young-Guk Park, Kyu-Rhim Chung, Cheol-Ho Paik and Gerald Nelson

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:22

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research

    The purpose of the present study was to elucidate the significance of cone bean computed tomography (CBCT) for patients hoping to undergo implant-supported restorations of the maxilla. Therefore, two studies w...

    Authors: Kazunobu Shiki, Tatsurou Tanaka, Shinji Kito, Nao Wakasugi-Sato, Shinobu Matsumoto-Takeda, Masafumi Oda, Shun Nishimura and Yasuhiro Morimoto

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:20

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research

    With socio-economic changes, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons are more and more faced with medically compromised patients. Especially, the admission of antirheumatic drugs has increased remarkably. So denti...

    Authors: Tobias Annussek, Thomas Szuwart, Johannes Kleinheinz, Cathrin Koiky and Kai Wermker

    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2014 10:19

    Published on:

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