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  1. Spindle cell carcinoma (SpCC) is a rare, high malignant variant of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which shows biphasic proliferation of conventional SCC component and malignant spindle shape cells with sarcoma...

    Authors: Naoki Katase, Ryo Tamamura, Mehmet Gunduz, Jun Murakami, Jun-Ichi Asaumi, Goichi Tsukamoto, Akira Sasaki and Hitoshi Nagatsuka
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:28
  2. Reconstruction of the facial hard- and soft tissues is of special concern for the rehabilitation of patients especially after ablative tumor surgery has been performed. Impaired soft and hard tissue conditions...

    Authors: Rita A Depprich, Christian D Naujoks, Ulrich Meyer, Norbert R Kübler and Jörg G Handschel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:27
  3. The successful use of zirconia ceramics in orthopedic surgery led to a demand for dental zirconium-based implant systems. Because of its excellent biomechanical characteristics, biocompatibility, and bright to...

    Authors: Rita Depprich, Holger Zipprich, Michelle Ommerborn, Eduardo Mahn, Lydia Lammers, Jörg Handschel, Christian Naujoks, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, Norbert R Kübler and Ulrich Meyer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:25
  4. Ewing sarcoma (ES) of the mandible is rare and can be mistaken for inflammation of dental origin. We present a 24-year old male patient which underwent radical tumour surgery and primary reconstruction with a ...

    Authors: Martin Gosau, Daniel Baumhoer, Stefan Ihrler, Johannes Kleinheinz and Oliver Driemel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:24
  5. Psychological factors are not only important in patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), but also in patients suffering from tooth loss and/or in those awaiting prosthodontic care with fixed or remova...

    Authors: Michelle A Ommerborn, Alfons Hugger, Johannes Kruse, Jörg GK Handschel, Rita A Depprich, Ulrich Stüttgen, Stefan Zimmer and Wolfgang HM Raab
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:23
  6. Different types of bioabsorbable and nonresorbable membranes have been widely used for guided tissue regeneration (GTR) with its ultimate goal of regenerating lost periodontal structures. The purpose of the pr...

    Authors: Adrian Kasaj, Christoph Reichert, Hermann Götz, Bernd Röhrig, Ralf Smeets and Brita Willershausen
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:22
  7. A case of low-grade intraosseous fibrosarcoma of the mandible in a 9-year-old girl is described. The patient underwent pre-surgical chemotherapy which was abandoned as unsuccessful after two cycles. Radical tu...

    Authors: Martin Gosau, Florian G Draenert, Wolfgang A Winter, Jörg Mueller-Hoecker and Oliver Driemel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:21
  8. Ectopic internal carotid artery (ICA) is a very rare variation. The major congenital abnormalities of the ICA can be classified as agenesis, aplasia and hypoplasia, and they can be unilateral or bilateral. Ano...

    Authors: Emmanuel P Prokopakis, Constantinos A Bourolias, Argyro J Bizaki, Spyros K Karampekios, George A Velegrakis and John G Bizakis
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:20
  9. A cutaneous angiosarcoma is a rare malignant tumour of vascular endothelial cells with aggressive clinical behaviour and poor prognosis. Diagnosis is often delayed due to its variable and often benign clinical...

    Authors: Tobias Ettl, Johannes Kleinheinz, Ravi Mehrotra, Stephan Schwarz, Torsten E Reichert and Oliver Driemel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:18
  10. acantholytic squamous cell carcinomas (ASCC) and intraoral angiosarcoma share similar histopathological features. Aim of this study was to find marker for a clear distinction.

    Authors: Oliver Driemel, Urs DA Müller-Richter, Samer G Hakim, Richard Bauer, Alexander Berndt, Johannes Kleinheinz, Torsten E Reichert and Hartwig Kosmehl
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:17
  11. With the 2005 WHO classification of salivary gland tumours and its increasingly recognized diagnostic entities, the frequency of adenocarcinoma (NOS) has decreased significantly.

    Authors: Tobias Ettl, Johannes Kleinheinz, Ravi Mehrotra, Stephan Schwarz, Torsten Eugen Reichert and Oliver Driemel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:16
  12. Laryngomalacia (LRM), is the most common laryngeal abnormality of the newborn, caused by a long curled epiglottis, which prolapses posteriorly. Epiglottis prolapse during inspiration (acquired laryngomalacia) ...

    Authors: Constantinos Bourolias, Jiannis Hajiioannou, Emil Sobol, George Velegrakis and Emmanuel Helidonis
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:15
  13. Endothelial cells play an important role in the delivery of cells to the inflammation site, chemotaxis, cell adhesion and extravasation. Implantation of a foreign material into the human body determines inflam...

    Authors: Ana Cristina Breithaupt-Faloppa, Wothan Tavares de Lima, Ricardo Martins Oliveira-Filho and Johannes Kleinheinz
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:14
  14. Apoptosis is involved in fundamental processes of life, like embryonic development, tissue homeostasis, or immune defense. Defects in apoptosis cause or contribute to developmental malformation, cancer, and de...

    Authors: Jens Weingärtner, Kristina Lotz, Andreas Faltermeier, Oliver Driemel, Johannes Kleinheinz, Tomas Gedrange and Peter Proff
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:13
  15. Various surgical procedures are available to correct paralytic ectropion, which are applied in irreversible facial paresis. Problems occur when facial paresis has an unclear prognosis, since surgery of the low...

    Authors: Thomas Schrom and Anke Habermann
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:12
  16. Numerous medical and surgical therapies have been utilized to treat the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia (TN). This retrospective study compares patients undergoing either microvascular decompression or balloo...

    Authors: W. Scott Jellish, William Benedict, Kevin Owen, Douglas Anderson, Elaine Fluder and John F. Shea
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:11
  17. Facial trauma or tumor surgery in the head and face area often lead to massive destruction of the facial skeleton. Cell-based bone reconstruction therapies promise to offer new therapeutic opportunities for th...

    Authors: Jörg Handschel, Karin Berr, Rita A Depprich, Norbert R Kübler, Christian Naujoks, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, Michelle A Ommerborn and Ulrich Meyer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:10
  18. The metastases to the TMJ from a primary lung tumour is a very rare occurrence.

    Authors: Roberto Boniello, Giulio Gasparini, Giuseppe D'Amato, Alessandro Di Petrillo and Sandro Pelo
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:8
  19. A 66-year-old female patient was admitted to our department with a large tumor of the tongue measuring 10 cm in diameter. The tumor occupied nearly the entire oral cavity and showed exophytic and ulcerative ar...

    Authors: Ralf Smeets, Maurice B Grosjean, Max Heiland, Dieter Riediger and Oliver Maciejewski
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:7
  20. The aims were to investigate the prevalence of perceived sleep quality and insufficient sleep complaints, and to analyze whether self-reported bruxism was associated with perceptions of sleep, and awake conseq...

    Authors: Kristiina Ahlberg, Antti Jahkola, Aslak Savolainen, Mauno Könönen, Markku Partinen, Christer Hublin, Juha Sinisalo, Harri Lindholm, Seppo Sarna and Jari Ahlberg
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:4
  21. Diseases and defects of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), compromising the cartilaginous layer of the condyle, impose a significant treatment challenge. Different regeneration approaches, especially surgical ...

    Authors: Christian Naujoks, Ulrich Meyer, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, Janine Jäsche-Meyer, Ariane Hohoff, Rita Depprich and Jörg Handschel
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:3
  22. Skin diseases on the external aspect of the ear are seen in a variety of medical disciplines. Dermatologists, othorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners, general and plastic surgeons are regularly consulte...

    Authors: Michael Sand, Daniel Sand, Dominik Brors, Peter Altmeyer, Benno Mann and Falk G Bechara
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2008 4:2
  23. The aim of this paper was to determine the most common craniofacial changes in patients suffering Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) with regards to the degree of obesity. Accordingly, cephalometric data ...

    Authors: Antonino M Cuccia, Giuseppina Campisi, Rosangela Cannavale and Giuseppe Colella
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:41
  24. In order to study the short-time effects of two bioactive low-molecular amelogenins A+4 and A-4, half-moon cavities were prepared in the mesial aspect of the first maxillary molars, and after pulp exposure, ag...

    Authors: Nadège Jegat, Dominique Septier, Arthur Veis, Anne Poliard and Michel Goldberg
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:40
  25. Neurothekeomas are tumors of neural differentiation and of unknown origin that occur in females at the 2nd and 3rd decades of life. They usually affect the face with an unspecific clinical aspect. The histologica...

    Authors: Larissa Dorina López-Cepeda, Gisela Navarrete-Franco, Josefa Novales-Santacoloma and Julio Enriquez-Merino
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:39
  26. Surgical orthopedic treatment of the mandible depends on the development of techniques resulting in adequate healing processes. In a new technical and conceptual alternative recently introduced by Puricelli, o...

    Authors: Edela Puricelli, Jun Sérgio Ono Fonseca, Marcel Fasolo de Paris and Hervandil Sant'Anna
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:38
  27. The interactions between torus and several factors such as age, gender, and dental status have not been studied comprehensively. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of gender on the mandibula...

    Authors: Serdar Uysal, Berna L Çağırankaya and Müjgan Güngör Hatipoğlu
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:37
  28. Soft tissue sarcomas in the head and neck region are rare and often present a difficult differential diagnosis. The aim of our presentation is to point out the complexity of the diagnosis, treatment and follow...

    Authors: László Seper, Richárd Schwab, Sirichai Kiattavorncharoen, Andre Büchter, Ágnes Bánkfalvi, Ulrich Joos, József Piffkó and Birgit Kruse-Loesler
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:36
  29. Pigmented intraosseous odontogenic lesions are rare with only 47 reported cases in the English literature. Among them, pigmented calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor, formerly known as calcifying odontogenic cy...

    Authors: Phuu P Han, Hitoshi Nagatsuka, Chong H Siar, Hidetsugu Tsujigiwa, Mehmet Gunduz, Ryo Tamamura, Silvia S Borkosky, Naoki Katase and Noriyuki Nagai
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:35
  30. The total body adipose tissue volume is regulated by hormonal, nutritional, paracrine, neuronal and genetic control signals, as well as components of cell-cell or cell-matrix interactions. There are no known l...

    Authors: Paul Svedman
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:34
  31. Facial pain syndromes can be very heterogeneous and need individual diagnosis and treatment. This report describes an interesting case of facial pain associated with eczema and an isolated dyskinesia of the lo...

    Authors: Katharina Junghans, Saskia Rohrbach, Maik Ellies and Rainer Laskawi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:32
  32. Dentin dysplasia type I is characterized by a defect of dentin development with clinical normal appearance of the permanent teeth but no or only rudimentary root formation. Early loss of all teeth and concomit...

    Authors: Rita A Depprich, Michelle A Ommerborn, Jörg GK Handschel, Christian D Naujoks, Ulrich Meyer and Norbert R Kübler
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:31
  33. Facial pain may be divided into several distinct categories, each requiring a specific treatment approach. In some cases, however, such categorization is difficult and treatment is ineffective. We reviewed our...

    Authors: Konstantin V Slavin, Hrachya Nersesyan, Mustafa E Colpan and Naureen Munawar
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:30
  34. Unilateral and bilateral variation in the course and elongation of the cervical (extracranial) part of the internal carotid artery (ICA) leading to its tortuosity, kinking and coiling or looping is not a rare ...

    Authors: Nikolai A Ovchinnikov, Ramesh T Rao and Suresh R Rao
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:29
  35. Osteoporosis may present a risk factor in achievement of osseointegration because of its impact on bone remodeling properties of skeletal phsiology. The purpose of this study was to evaluate micro-morphologica...

    Authors: Kivanc Akca, Ebru Sarac, Ugur Baysal, Mete Fanuscu, Ting-Ling Chang and Murat Cehreli
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:28
  36. Head & Face Medicine (HFM) was launched in August 2005 to provide multidisciplinary science in the field of head and face disorders with an open access and open peer review publication platform. The objective of...

    Authors: Thomas Stamm, Ulrich Meyer, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, Johannes Kleinheinz, Murat Cehreli and Zafer C Cehreli
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:27
  37. A close correlation between celiac disease (CD) and oral lesions has been reported. The aim of this case-control study was to assess prevalence of enamel hypoplasia, recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), dermat...

    Authors: Maurizio Procaccini, Giuseppina Campisi, Pantaleo Bufo, Domenico Compilato, Claudia Massaccesi, Carlo Catassi and Lorenzo Lo Muzio
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:25
  38. This is a rare case report of a foreign metallic body found in the middle ear. During the use of an electric welding by a metalworker, a glowing drop of dissolved metal overrun, burning the skin of his externa...

    Authors: Anna Eleftheriadou, Thomas Chalastras, Dionysios Kyrmizakis, Sotirios Sfetsos, Konstantinos Dagalakis and Dimitrios Kandiloros
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:23
  39. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to current transgressions in scientific writing and to promote commitment to ethical standards and good science. All participants of any research project, parti...

    Authors: Murat Cehreli, Zafer Cehreli, Thomas Stamm, Ulrich Meyer and Hans-Peter Wiesmann
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:22
  40. A hierarchy of stability exists among the types of surgical movements that are possible with orthognathic surgery. This report updates the hierarchy, focusing on comparison of the stability of procedures when ...

    Authors: William R Proffit, Timothy A Turvey and Ceib Phillips
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:21

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