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  1. Chlamydia conjuctivitis results from infection by chlamydia trachomatis, the commonest treatable sexually transmitted infection in Europe. Its clinical manifestations involve the conjunctiva and the cornea. Th...

    Authors: Suzannah R Drummond and Charles JM Diaper
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:16
  2. Sagittal split osteotomy (SSO) is a surgical technique largely employed for mandibular mobilizations in orthognatic procedures. However, the traditional design of buccal osteotomy, located at the junction of m...

    Authors: Edela Puricelli
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:15
  3. Keloids are defined as dermal fibrotic lesions which are considered an aberration of the wound healing process. Their etiology and pathogenesis are poorly understood. Different treatment modalities are describ...

    Authors: Michael Sand, Daniel Sand, Pejman Boorboor, Benno Mann, Peter Altmeyer, Klaus Hoffmann and Falk G. Bechara
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:14
  4. The tumour margin is an important surgical concept significantly affecting patient morbidity and mortality. We aimed in this prospective study to apply the microendoscope on tissue margins from patients underg...

    Authors: Tahwinder Upile, Cyril Fisher, Waseem Jerjes, Mohammed El Maaytah, Sandeep Singh, Holger Sudhoff, Adam Searle, Daniel Archer, Leslie Michaels, Colin Hopper, Peter Rhys-Evans, David Howard and Anthony Wright
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:13
  5. Haemangiomas of the head or face are a frequent vascular pathology, consisting in an embryonic dysplasia that involves the cranial-facial vascular network. Haemangiomas show clinical, morphological, developmen...

    Authors: Giorgio Iannetti, Andrea Torroni, Stefano Chiummariello and Carlo Cavallotti
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:12
  6. Lichen planopilaris (LPP) is an inflammatory disease characterized by a lymphomononuclear infiltrate surrounding the isthmus and infundibulum of the hair follicle of the scalp, that evolves into atrophic/scarr...

    Authors: Roberto d'Ovidio, Concetta Sgarra, Anna Conserva, Umberto Filippo Angelotti, Roberta Erriquez and Caterina Foti
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:11
  7. In the PubMed accessible literature, information on the characteristics of interdisciplinary orthodontic and surgical treatment of patients with Apert syndrome is rare. The aim of the present article is threef...

    Authors: Ariane Hohoff, Ulrich Joos, Ulrich Meyer, Ulrike Ehmer and Thomas Stamm
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:10
  8. Cleft surgery in infants includes special risks due to the kind of the malformation. These risks can be attributed in part to the age and the weight of the patient. Whereas a lot of studies investigated the lo...

    Authors: Thomas Fillies, Christoph Homann, Ulrich Meyer, Alexander Reich, Ulrich Joos and Richard Werkmeister
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:9
  9. Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a genetically heterogeneous group of diseases that result in defective development of tooth enamel. Mutations in several enamel proteins and proteinases have been associated wit...

    Authors: Maria CLG Santos, P Suzanne Hart, Mukundhan Ramaswami, Cláudia M Kanno, Thomas C Hart and Sergio RP Line
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:8
  10. Distraction osteogenesis is an alternative treatment method for the correction of mandibular hypoplasia. In this case report, distraction with a multidirectional extraoral device was performed to gradually len...

    Authors: Kerim Ortakoglu, Seniz Karacay, Metin Sencimen, Erol Akin, Aykut H Ozyigit and Osman Bengi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:7
  11. Schwannomas are uncommon benign tumors of the external auditory canal. The clinical features, the differential diagnosis, and the surgical treatment of these lesions are discussed.

    Authors: Ozgul Topal, Selim S Erbek and Seyra Erbek
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:6
  12. Functional and aesthetic mandibular reconstruction after ablative tumor surgery continues to be a challenge even after the introduction of microvascular bone transfer. Complex microvascular reconstruction of t...

    Authors: Corrado Toro, Massimo Robiony, Fabio Costa, Nicoletta Zerman and Massimo Politi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:5
  13. Tissue engineering of bone and cartilage tissue for subsequent implantation is of growing interest in cranio- and maxillofacial surgery. Commonly it is performed by using cells coaxed with scaffolds. Recently,...

    Authors: Jörg GK Handschel, Rita A Depprich, Norbert R Kübler, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, Michelle Ommerborn and Ulrich Meyer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:4
  14. A pneumatized superior turbinate is a rare cause of headache. Nasal endoscopy alone, does not provide us with adequate information for this inaccessible area of the superior nasal cavity. A coronal computed to...

    Authors: Elias Homsioglou, Dimitrios G Balatsouras, Gregory Alexopoulos, Antonis Kaberos, Michael Katotomichelakis and Vassilios Danielides
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:3
  15. Functional rehabilitation of patients afflicted with severe mandibular and maxillary alveolar atrophy might be challenging especially in malformed patients.

    Authors: Rita A Depprich, Jörg GK Handschel, Christian Naujoks, Tobias Hahn, Ulrich Meyer and Norbert R Kübler
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:2
  16. The paradigmatic shift to evidence-based dentistry (EBD) that relates to occlusal therapy, selective occlusal adjustment (OA) and stabilization splints therapy (SS) for TMDs has had an unfavourable impact on t...

    Authors: Major M Ash Jr
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2007 3:1
  17. This paper seeks to analyse the psychometric and structural properties of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI) in a sample of temporomandibular disorder patients.

    Authors: Yolanda Andreu, Maria J Galdon, Estrella Durá, Maite Ferrando, Juan Pascual, Dennis C Turk, Yolanda Jiménez and Rafael Poveda
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:48
  18. In oromandibular dystonia (OMD) abnormal repetitive contractions of masticatory, facial, and lingual muscles as well as the presence of orobuccolingual (OBL) dyskinesias may interfere with the appropriate perf...

    Authors: Spiridon Papapetropoulos and Carlos Singer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:47
  19. 'Dry eye' appears to be the main contributor to the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Regular breaks and the use of artificial tears or certain eye drops are some of the options to reduce visual discomfort...

    Authors: Shirley Telles, KV Naveen, Manoj Dash, Rajendra Deginal and NK Manjunath
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:46
  20. Traumatic auricular amputation due to human bite is not a common event. Nonetheless, it constitutes a difficult challenge for the reconstructive surgeon. Microsurgery can be performed in some cases, but most m...

    Authors: Dionysios E Kyrmizakis, Alexander D Karatzanis, Constantinos A Bourolias, John K Hadjiioannou and George A Velegrakis
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:45
  21. Studies on salivary variables and pregnancy in Latin America are scarce. This study aimed to compare salivary flow rate, pH, and concentrations of calcium, phosphate, and sIgA of unstimulated whole saliva in p...

    Authors: Maria I Rockenbach, Sandra A Marinho, Elaine B Veeck, Laura Lindemann and Rosemary S Shinkai
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:44
  22. This study was carried out to establish the relative incidence and provide clinico-pathologic information on the various histological types of ameloblastoma seen at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hosp...

    Authors: Kehinde E Adebiyi, Vincent I Ugboko, Ganiat O Omoniyi-Esan, Kizito C Ndukwe and Fadekemi O Oginni
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:42
  23. We report a successful treatment of bruxism in a patient with anoxic brain injury using botulinum toxin-A (BTX-A). On examination the mouth opening was 0 mm, no feeding was possible through the mouth. Botulinu...

    Authors: Mohammed El Maaytah, Waseem Jerjes, Tahwinder Upile, Brian Swinson, Colin Hopper and Peter Ayliffe
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:41
  24. The traumatic bone cyst (TBC) is an uncommon nonepithelial lined cavity of the jaws. The lesion is mainly diagnosed in young patients most frequently during the second decade of life. The majority of TBCs are ...

    Authors: Arsinoi A Xanthinaki, Konstantinos I Choupis, Konstantinos Tosios, Vasilios A Pagkalos and Stavros I Papanikolaou
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:40
  25. The aim of this study was to present a temporary anchorage device with intraosseous screw for unilateral molar distalization to make a space for the impacted premolar and to found well balanced occlusion in a ...

    Authors: Ibrahim Erhan Gelgor, Ali Ihya Karaman and Tamer Buyukyilmaz
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:38
  26. There have been reports on the migration of teeth or implants into the maxillary sinus. We know of only one report on the migration of a gutta-percha point that had been used to fill a root canal into the ethm...

    Authors: Fabio Costa, Massimo Robiony, Corrado Toro, Salvatore Sembronio and Massimo Politi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:37
  27. To describe a simple and effective facelift technique useful as an adjunct to other oculoplastic procedures

    Authors: Suat H Ugurbas, Robert A Goldberg, John D McCann, Norman Shorr, Rachna Murthy and Guy J Ben Simon
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:35
  28. To evaluate the levels of circulating immune complexes, trace elements (copper, iron and selenium) in serum of patients with oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF), oral leukoplakia (L), and oral squamous cell carcino...

    Authors: Sunali S Khanna and Freny R Karjodkar
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:33
  29. The most common causes of hemotympanum are therapeutic nasal packing, epistaxis, blood disorders and blunt trauma to the head. Hemotympanum is characterized as idiopathic, when it is detected in the presence o...

    Authors: Dimitrios G Balatsouras, Panayotis Dimitropoulos, Alexandros Fassolis, Georgios Kloutsos, Nicolas C Economou, Stavros Korres and Antonis Kaberos
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:31
  30. Beside infections, foreign body incidences are amongst the most frequently encountered pathologies in pediatric otolaryngology. While inhaled foreign bodies represent an acute emergency, symptoms of ingested f...

    Authors: Basile N Landis and Roland Giger
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:30
  31. Maxillary sinus mucoceles are relatively rare among all paranasal sinus mucoceles. With the introduction of endoscopic sinus surgical techniques, rhinologic surgeons prefer transnasal endoscopic management of ...

    Authors: Fatma Caylakli, Haluk Yavuz, Alper Can Cagici and Levent Naci Ozluoglu
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:29
  32. In spite of employing numerous devices improving the safety in motor vehicles, traffic accidents are still among the main reasons of maxillofacial injuries. The maxillofacial injuries remain the serious clinic...

    Authors: Piotr Malara, Beata Malara and Jan Drugacz
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:27
  33. During the last years, implant dentistry has seen an dramatic increase as a treatment option in oral rehabilitation. This is based to a large extent on scientific advances and clinical improvements in implanto...

    Authors: Ulrich Joos and Ulrich Meyer
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:19
  34. Osseointegrated endosseous implants are widely used for the rehabilitation of completely and partially edentulous patients, being the final prosthodontic treatment more predictable and the failures extremely i...

    Authors: S. Capodiferro, G. Favia, M. Scivetti, G. De Frenza and R. Grassi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:18
  35. In the present study, we examined clinical and laser-evoked potentials (LEP) features in two groups of chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) patients treated with two different approaches: intra-oral appliance ...

    Authors: Marina de Tommaso, Elliott Shevel, Carla Pecoraro, Michele Sardaro, Daniela Divenere, Olimpia Di fruscolo, Paolo Lamberti and Paolo Livrea
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:15
  36. The records of 1087 patients who underwent surgical removal of third molar teeth were prospectively examined to analyse the possible relationship between postoperative complications and the surgeon's experienc...

    Authors: Waseem Jerjes, Mohammed El-Maaytah, Brian Swinson, Bilquis Banu, Tahwinder Upile, Sapna D'Sa, Mohammed Al-Khawalde, Boussad Chaib and Colin Hopper
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2006 2:14

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