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  1. Grafting of autologous adipose tissue can be recommended in some cases of facial plastic surgery. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a type of cancer that can also affect the orbit. Enucleation of the eye can cause atrophy o...

    Authors: Francesco Inchingolo, Marco Tatullo, Andrea Pacifici, Marco Gargari, Alessio D Inchingolo, Angelo M Inchingolo, Gianna Dipalma, Massimo Marrelli, Fabio M Abenavoli and Luciano Pacifici
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:33
  2. Carotid sinus syndrome is a serious manifestation of head and neck malignancy. The purpose of this study was to clarify the presence of carotid sinus syndrome in a patient with cystadenolymphoma. To our knowle...

    Authors: Nelson Noroozi, Ali Modabber, Frank Hölzle, Till Braunschweig, Dieter Riediger, Marcus Gerressen and Alireza Ghassemi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:31
  3. Orthodontic management of anterior open bites is a demanding task for orthodontists. Molar intrusion as a primary means of open bite correction entails the need for appropriate anchorage. Orthodontic mini impl...

    Authors: Stefanie Flieger, Thomas Ziebura, Johannes Kleinheinz and Dirk Wiechmann
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:30
  4. We describe a case of anaphylactic reaction in a 46-year-old female post application of decongestant nose drops containing benzalkonium chloride (BAC). With some latency, the patient complained of cough, dyspn...

    Authors: Elke Mezger, Olaf Wendler, Susanne Mayr and Alessandro Bozzato
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:29
  5. Complications associated to group-A streptococcal pharyingitis include non-suppurative complications such as acute rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis and suppurative complications such as peritonsillar or ...

    Authors: Fulvia Costantinides, Roberto Luzzati, Daniele Tognetto, Gabriele Bazzocchi, Matteo Biasotto and Gian Carlo Tirelli
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:28
  6. The introduction of different interocclusal recording materials has put clinicians in dilemma that which material should be used in routine clinical practice for precise recording and transferring of accurate ...

    Authors: Sampath Kumar Tejo, Anil G Kumar, Vivekanand S Kattimani, Priti D Desai, Sandeep Nalla and Krishna Chaitanya K
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:27
  7. Due to increasing use of disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) as first line therapy in rheumatic diseases, dental and maxillofacial practitioner should be aware of drug related adverse events. Especi...

    Authors: Tobias Annussek, Johannes Kleinheinz, Szuwart Thomas, Ulrich Joos and Kai Wermker
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:26
  8. Central giant cell lesions are benign intraosseous proliferative lesions that have considerable local aggressiveness. Nonsurgical treatment methods, such as intralesional corticosteroid injections, systemic ca...

    Authors: Newton Guerreiro da Silva Júnior, Aline Semblano Dias Carreira, Erick Nelo Pedreira, Fabrício Mesquita Tuji, Karem López Ortega and João de Jesus Viana Pinheiro
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:23
  9. Osteoporotic bone marrow defect of the jaws has been reported as a poorly demarcated radiolucency that affect mainly posterior mandible of middle-aged woman. The incidence of this condition is not exactly esta...

    Authors: Diego Mauricio Bravo-Calderón, Denise Tostes Oliveira and Wagner Humberto Martins dos Santos
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:22
  10. Eagle's syndrome is often associated with elongated styloid process or ossified stylohyoid or stylomandibular ligament. Patients with this syndrome present with recurrent cervicofacial pain. Surgical removal o...

    Authors: Fumihiko Matsumoto, Kaori Kase, Misato Kasai, Hiroaki Komatsu, Takako Okizaki and Katsuhisa Ikeda
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:21
  11. Atraumatic teeth extractions protocols are highly encouraged in patients taking bisphosphonates (Bps) to reduce surgical trauma and, consequently, the risk of jaws osteonecrosis development. In this way, this ...

    Authors: Nicolau Conte-Neto, Alliny de Souza Bastos, Luis Carlos Spolidorio, Rosemary Adriana Chierici Marcantonio and Elcio Marcantonio Jr
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:20
  12. The formation of a Hairy Polyp on the dorsum of the tongue is a rare condition that may hinder vital functions such as swallowing and breathing due to mechanical obstruction. The authors present the situation ...

    Authors: Edela Puricelli, Marinez Bizarro Barra, Bruno Hochhegger, Deise Ponzoni, Henrique Voltolini de Azambuja, Mário Alexandre Morganti and Jorge Henrique Schmitt
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:19
  13. A fundamental pre-requisite for the clinical success in dental implant surgery is the fast and stable implant osseointegration. The press-fit phenomenon occurring at implant insertion induces biomechanical eff...

    Authors: Gianni Frisardi, Sandro Barone, Armando V Razionale, Alessandro Paoli, Flavio Frisardi, Antonio Tullio, Aurea Lumbau and Giacomo Chessa
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:18
  14. Initial methods which used human tissues as reconstruction materials caused different problems including rejection, limited shapes and infection. In 1970s, PHDPE (Medpor®) was introduced by its exclusive advan...

    Authors: Shabahang Mohammadi, Shadi Ghourchian, Farzad Izadi, Ahmad Daneshi and Aslan Ahmadi
    Citation: Head & Face Medicine 2012 8:17

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