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Table 1 Scoring system for MRI and arthroscopy

From: Correlation of MRI and arthroscopic findings with clinical outcome in temporomandibular joint disorders: a retrospective cohort study

  MRI Arthroscopy
Discal displacement Likert Likert
Anterior Likert Likert
• Posterior Likert Likert
• Partial Likert Likert
• Reduction Likert Likert
Discal deformation Likert Likert
 • Crumpled disc Likert Likert
 • Rounded disc Likert Likert
 • Flat disc Likert Likert
 • Disc perforations Likert Likert
Adhesions Likert Likert
Joint effusion Likert
Lateral pterygoid muscle anomalies Likert
Pterygoid shadow anomaly Likert
Retrodiscal deformation Likert Likert
Glenoid fossa deformation Likert Likert
 • Chondromalacia grade Grading
Articular eminence deformation Likert Likert
 • Chondromalacia grade Grading
Condylar deformation Likert
Overall synovitis Likert
Haemorrhagic infiltrations
 • Anterior band of the disc Grading
 • Posterior band of the disc Grading
 • Retrodiscal synovium Grading
 • Anterior recess Grading
 • Fossa Grading
 • Articular eminence Grading
 • Medial synovium Grading
  1. Likert scale 1 to 5:
  2. 1. Absolutely not
  3. 2. Probably not
  4. 3. Uncertain
  5. 4. Probably yes
  6. 5. Absolutely yes
  7. Synovitis Grading
  8. 0. Normal, with whitish synovial tissue and wire capillaries
  9. 1. Light hypervascularity, with larger capillaries
  10. 2. Moderate hypervascularity, with the presence of petechiae
  11. 3. Severe hypervascularity, with the presence of broad areas of petechiae/ecchymosis
  12. Chondromalacia Grading
  13. 0. Normal, completely smooth, smooth white surface with striations on the surface
  14. 1. Surface degeneration
  15. 2. Intermediate degeneration, with fibrocartilage with bubbles, but without bone exposure
  16. 3. Advanced degeneration, with evident bone exposure throughout the joint
  17. If a variable is not assessed on MRI or arthroscopy, it is indicated with ‘-‘