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Table 2 Evaluation of pandemic-related solutions and effects. All aspects were rated on a 10-point Likert scale, with 1 indicating “totally agree/positive” and 10 indicating “totally disagree/negative”

From: One year of COVID-19 pandemic: a cross sectional study on teaching oral and maxillofacial surgery

  Mean Score Standard deviation
The organization of the switch from face-to-face to online teaching was very good. 2.71 2.09
How has the pandemic affected your student education overall? 5.94 2.33
The new digital learning conditions are very stressful for me. 7.57 2.53
I am concerned that I will not pass some courses because of the pandemic conditions. 5 3.34
I am concerned that my exam grades will change due to the pandemic conditions. 6.86 2.24
I would like to keep the digital courses (e-learning programs and digital lectures) in the future. 2.67 2.47
In the future, I prefer to further reduce face-to-face events and replace them with online courses. 4.48 2.96
The online courses motivated me to learn more. 3.67 2.64
The pandemic made it easier for me to focus on my studies because there was less distraction from leisure activities. 6.35 3.18