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Table 2 Characteristics and frequency of patients with adjunctive eyelid surgery (n = 36 patients, 117 eyelids, 124 procedures)

From: Eyes wide shut: necessity and effect of adjunctive procedures after decompression surgery in patients with endocrine orbitopathy

  (n) 1st session (n) 2nd session (n) 3rd session (n) 4th session (n) total
patients 36 13 8 5  
eyelidsa 75a 21a 12a 9a 117a
proceduresb 75b 28b 12b 9b 124b
Upper eyelidsa 48a 10a 8a 6a 72a
 ptosis 2a 4a 3a 2a 11a
 retraction 15a 6a 2a 1a 24a
 excess tissue 31a   1a 1a 33a
 contour deficit    2a 2a 4a
Upper eyelids 48b 10a 8b 6b 72b
 shortening 2b 4b 3b 2b 11b
 lengthening 15b 6a 2b 1b 24b
 tissue removal 31b   1b 1b 33b
 lipofilling    2b 2b 4b
Lower eyelidsa 27a 11a 4a 3a 45a
 retraction 15a 9a 2a 2a 28a
 excess tissue 12a 2a 1a   15a
 scarring    1a 1a 2a
Lower eyelids 27b 18b 4b 3b 52b
 lengthening 15b 16b 3b 3b 37b
 ear cartilage   1b    1
 mucograft 5b 2b    7
 canthoplasty 6b 5b 2b   13
 medpor 2b    2b 4
 lipofilling 1b 6b    7
 scar removal 1b 2b 1b 1b 5
 tissue removal 12b 2b 1b   15b
  1. anumber of eyelids, bnumber of procedures