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Table 3 Wilcoxon signed ranks test for back/posture parameters, overjet and age comparing at measurement times T1 and T2

From: Relationship between back posture and early orthodontic treatment in children

  kyphotic angle lordotic
pelvic tilt pelvic torsion trunk imbalance max surface rotation min surface rotation overjet age
Z −0.954b −1.416b −0.967c − 0.079b −0.887b − 0.031c −0.175b −6.388b −6.396c
Asymp. Sig. (2-tailed) 0.34 0.157 0.334 0.937 0.375 0.975 0.861 0.000*** 0.000***
  1. Wilcoxon signed ranks test b) based on positive ranks c) based on negative ranks ***) significane at level p < 0.001