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Table 4 Intra-examiner reliability of linear measurements - landmark-derived method

From: Measurement error and reliability of three available 3D superimposition methods in growing patients

DistancesICC95% Confidence interval
Lower boundUpper bound
ANS T2-T10.9520.8080.988
A-Point T2-T10.9530.8110.988
PNS T2-T10.712−0.1610.928
OrR T2-T10.9130.6500.978
OrL T2-T10.8250.4440.954
Menton T2-T10.9550.8310.989
B-Point T2-T10.9260.7320.981
GoR T2-T10.9530.8110.988
GoL T2-T10.9480.8050.987
Pg T2-T10.9930.9720.998