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Table 1 Data of orbital cavity volumes recorded in both study groups (data included right/left side) and comparison of volumetric changes in orbital cavity between groups

From: Evaluation of the changes of orbital cavity volume and shape after tooth-borne and bone-borne rapid maxillary expansion (RME)

  TB Group BB Group      
Sample Orbital volume T1 (cm3) SD Orbital volume T2 (cm3) SD Significance Orbital volume T1 (cm3) SD
40 24,04 1,71 24,68 1,74 p < 0.0001 23,65 1,58 24,41 1,66 p < 0.0001 0,64 0,07 0,77 0,22 p < 0.05
  1. T1 = before maxillary expansion, T2 = 6 months after maxillary expansion. TB = Tooth-borne, BB = Bone-borne
  2. P values are reported according to the paired Student’s t Test for intra-group assessment and according to the unpaired Student’s t Test for comparison of mean differences between groups
  3. NS not significant