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Table 3 Scan time (minutes:seconds) and amount of data (number of polygon points) concerning different patient variables. (detailed p values are available in supplementary table)

From: Accuracy of intraoral scans in the mixed dentition: a prospective non-randomized comparative clinical trial

 Scan timen of polygon points
meanstd. dev.medianmeanstd. dev.median
Early mixed dentition3:220:473:1273.372**19.85473.648
Late mixed dentition3:131:133:0090.772**21.30995.147
Upper jaw3:351:093:1296.939*14.80398.540
Lower jaw2:590:383:0462.475*12.11362.077
Angle class I3:051:072:5771.68423.39673.892
Angle class II/13:411:143:1782.64924.37683.630
Angle class II/23:090:402:5289.47921.73187.951
Angle class III3:000:313:0976.20017.82873.303
  1. *p < 0.001; **p = 0.015