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Table 1 Landmarks and measurements used in this study

From: Comparison of condylar morphology changes and position stability following unilateral and bilateral sagittal split mandibular ramus osteotomy in patients with mandibular prognathism

Landmarks Definition
Landmarks and planes:
 Sella (S.) The point representing the midpoint of the pituitary fossa (sella turcica)
 Nasion (N.) The most anterior point of the frontonasal suture
Supramentale (B.) The point at the deepest midline concavity on the mandibular symphysis between infradentale and pogonion
 Orbitale (Or) Mid-point of the infraorbital margin
 Anterior nasal spine (ANS) Tip of the anterior nasal spine
 Porion (Po) Superior point of the external auditory meatus
 Mandibular Plane (MP) The tangent line to the lower border of the mandible through gnathion
 Anterior cranial base (SN) The line connecting the center of Sella turcica and Nasion
 Axial plane Plane containing both porions and the right Or
 Coronal plane Plane perpendicular to axial plane that includes both Po
 Sagittal plane Plane perpendicular to axial and coronal planes that includes ANS
 Dental midline deviation The deviation of dental midlines was defined as the horizontal distance between the facial sagittal plane and mesial contact points of mandibular central incisors as measured on the 3D reconstructed models
 SNB the position of mandible to skull base
 SN-MP The cant of lower border of mandible to skull base