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Table 2 Definitions of the landmarks

From: Three dimensional evaluation of soft tissue after orthognathic surgery

Region Landmarks Description
Along the lips Cph (L), Cph (R) The highest point of the Cupid’s bow (left, right)
Ls The lowest point of the middle area of the Cupid’s bow
Ch (L), Ch(R) The most lateral point of vermilion border (left, right)
Li The lowest point of vermilion border
L1, L4, R1, R4 Midpoints of curved vermilion border
Around the lips 1–9 B′ Perioral points which are counterparts of each point along the lip border, being apart by the same distance
Soft tissue B point
Around the nostril Al (L), Al (R) Most lateral point of the alar contour (left, right)
Pn Most anterior point of the nose
Sn Midpoint of the nasolabial angle at the columellar base
Ac (L), Ac (R) Labial insertion of each alar base