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Table 1 Features of glomus tumor affecting the oral cavity as reported in the literature

From: The glomus tumor resorbed bone and teeth in the mandible: a case report

Author year age gender anatomic location IHC profile
Von Langer [33] 1949 52 M hard palate Not available
King [34] 1954 32 M gingiva Not available
Kirschner and Strassburg [35] 1962 56 M gingiva/ alveolar mucosa Not available
Grande and D’Angelo [36] 1962 42 M hard palate Not available
Frankel [37] 1965 13 M buccal mucosa Not available
Harris and Griffin [38] 1965 35 F periodontium/ gingiva Not available
Sidhu and Subherwal [39] 1967 10 F hard palate Not available
Charles [40] 1976 17 F hard palate Not available
Sato et al. [41] 1979 29 M tongue Not available
Tajima et al. [42] 1981 63 F tongue Not available
Saku et al. [43] 1985 45 M buccal mucosa actin(+), smooth muscle myosin(+)
Ficarra et al. [44] 1986 51 F upper lip Not available
Moody et al. [45] 1986 65 F upper lip Vimentin(+), factor VIII(−), CD45(−), A-BgA(−), cytokeratin(−)
Stajcic and Bojic [46] 1987 55 M tongue Not available
Tokiwa et al. [47] 1990 36 M gingiva of mandibular Not available
Geraghty et al. [19] 1992 71 M hard palate alpha actin(−), neuron-specific enolase(−), chromogranin(−), desmin(−)
Kusama et al. [48] 1995 57 M upper lip S-100(+), actin(+), desmin(+), vimentin(+), factor VIII(−)
Sakashita et al. [49] 1997 54 M upper lip Vimentin(+), smooth muscle actin(+), factor VIII(−)
Yu et al. [11] 2000 54 F left mandibular area, lip, anterior buccal mucosa smooth muscle actin(+), S-100(−)
Kessaris et al. [8] 2001 46 F hard palate Vimentin(+), smooth muscle actin(+), actin(−), desmin(−), chromogranin(−), neuron-specific enolase(−), epithelial membrane antigen(−), cytokeratin(−), factor VIII(−)
Rallis et al. [7] 2004 85 F upper lip smooth muscle actin(+), muscle specific actin(+), vimentin(+), desmin(−), S-100(−), epithelial membrane antigen(−), neuron-specific enolase(−), AE1/3(−), Leu7(−), CD3,CD31,CD34,CD45,CD20(−), cytokeratin(−)
Quesada R et al. [50] 2004 61 M tongue Not available
Lanza et al. [51] 2005 65 M lower lip Not available
Maeda et al. [52] 2005 20 M palate Vimentin(+), smooth muscle actin(+), HHF35(+), keratin(−), S-100(−), factor VIII(−), desmin(−)
Boros et al. [10] 2009 34 M lower lip smooth muscle actin(+), muscle specific actin(+), S-100(+), kerarin(−), epithelial membrane antigen(−), CD34(−), CD31(−), chromogranin(−)
Derand III et al. [53] 2010 11 F lower lip pan-cytokeratin(−), vimentin(+), smooth muscle actin(+), S-100, factor VIII(−)
current case 2016 44 M mandible Vimentin(+), muscle specific actin/HHF35(+), calponin(+), typeIV collagen(+), smooth muscle actin(−), cytokeratin(AE1/AE3)(−), cytokeratin(CAM5.2)(−), CK19(−), CD31(−), CD34(−), CD68(−), p63(−), S-100(−), factor VIII(−), desmin(−)