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Table 1 Characterization of the selected antibodies and their expression in granular cell tumors from various sites

From: Granular cell tumors of the tongue: fibroma or schwannoma

Marker Dilution Supplier Character
S-100 protein (rabbit polyclonal antibody) 1:300 DakoCytomation E-F hand family (granule cells, glia cells, Schwann cells)
Vimentin (mouse monoclonal antibody) 1:300 DakoCytomation Intermediary filament (granule cells)
PGP 9.5 (mouse monoclonal antibody) 1:300 DakoCytomation Nerve cells (cell body, axon, granule cells)
NSE (mouse monoclonal antibody) 1:1000 DakoCytomation Nerve cells (axis-cylinder process)
Calretinin (rabbit polyclonal antibody) 1:10 Spring Biosciences E-F hand family (Schwann cells, central nerve neurons, mast cells)
GFAP (mouse monoclonal antibody) 1:1000 Novocastra Laboratories Glia fiber-related acid protein, Schwann cells
CD68 (mouse monoclonal antibody)) 1:300 Thermo Fisher Scientific Highly glycosylated membrane proteins, glycoproteins
Ki-67 (mouse monoclonal antibody) 1:400 DakoCytomation Proliferation marker
  1. Abbreviations: NSE neuron-specific enolase, GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein, PGP protein gene product