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Table 2 Clinical Symptoms described in eight reported cases

From: Ectopic third molars in the sigmoid notch: etiology, diagnostic imaging and treatment options

Clinical Symptoms described in the eight reported cases
Symptom Author
Firm hard swelling with complete trismus Traiger J. et al. 1965 [5]
Trismus and sporadic pain preauricularly Giardino et al. 1966 [11] (Article in Italian)
Trismus, pain and swelling in preauricular region Nishijima et al. 1976 [12] (Article in Japanese)
No symptoms Granite EL et al. 1985 [6]
Slowly growing swelling for two years Metha DS et al. 1986 [7]
Pain in the preauricular region Balan N. 1992 [8]
No symptoms Fidink Y et al. 2015 [9]
Discomfort in the left buccal mucosa Adachi M. et al. 2015 [10]