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Fig. 1

From: Novel use of cranial epidural space in rabbits as an animal model to investigate bone volume augmentation potential of different bone graft substitutes

Fig. 1

Biomaterial placement in the experimental epidural space. a: Schematic view of a rabbit skull, grey circles represent the drilling sites in the frontal bone and the grey-dotted circles the “bursae” created for the epidural insertion of the biomaterial. Red lines represent the spatial localization of perforations and biomaterial placement. b: Perforation of the cortical plate and biomaterial placement inside epidural spaces generated. Bm: site for biomaterial placement inside cranial epidural space created. Dm: dura mater FB: frontal bone, NB: nasal bone; IFS: interfrontal suture; FNS: fronto nasal suture; BCP and β-TCP: Biomaterials (see detailed description in the text) inside the bursae in the epidural cranial space

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