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Table 2 Oral microbiological sampling methods and investigated time points used in previous studies to analyze Candida carriage in orthodontic patients

From: Oral microbiota carriage in patients with multibracket appliance in relation to the quality of oral hygiene

Study group Time points of investigation Type of appliance Saliva sampling Plaque sampling Oral mucosa sampling
  Before insertion During treatment Fixed Removable    
Current study - x x - stimulated saliva pooled plaque -
Addy et al. 1982 [1] - x x x - - imprint culture
Hägg et al. 2004 [3] x x x - oral rinse pooled plaque imprint culture
Arslan et al. 2008 [27] x x x - stimulated saliva pooled plaque -
Arendorf, Addy 1985 [37] x x - x - - imprint culture
  1. Comparable study methods are highlighted in bold text