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Table 2 Overview of the quality of included studies

From: Coronectomy as a surgical approach to impacted mandibular third molars: a systematic review

Study Study design Sample description Radiographic evaluation Treatment description Follow-up development Clinical outcomes description Adequacy of statistical analysis Previous estimate of sample size Quality score Judged quality standard
O’Riordan et al. [22] RS Partial OPT Partial Full Partial Descriptive No 9 Low
Progrel et al. [14] PCS Partial OPT Partial Full Poor Descriptive No 8 Low
Renton et al. [7] RCT Full OPT Full Full Full Inferential No 15 Medium/High
Dolanmaz et al. [25] PCS Full OPT Full Full Partial Descriptive No 11 Low
Hatano et al. [16] CCT Full CBCT Partial Full Full Inferential No 14 Medium/High
Leung and Cheung [17]. RCT Full OPT Full Full Full Inferential Yes 16 High
Cilasun et al. [24] CCT Partial CBCT Full Full Full Descriptive No 13 Medium
Goto et al. [61] PCS Full CBCT Partial Full Partial Inferential No 12 Medium
Monaco et al. [59] PCS Full CBCT Full Full Full Inferential Yes 15 Medium/High
Patel et al. [60] RS Partial CBCT Full Partial Partial Descriptive No 10 Low
  1. CBCT: Cone Beam Computed Tomography; CCT: controlled clinical trial; OPT: panoramic radiography; PCS: prospective cohort study; RCT: randomized clinical trial; RS: retrospective study.