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Table 2 Description of angular measurements

From: Angular photogrammetric analysis of the soft tissue profile in 12-year-old southern Chinese

Parameter Description
Nasofrontal G-N-Prn
Vertical nasal N-Prn/TV
Nasolabial Cm-Sn-Ls
Labiomental Li-Sm-Pg
Nasal angle Sn-Cm/N-Prn
Cervicomental G-Pg/C-Me
Medium facial third N-Trg-Sn
Inferior facial third Sn-Trg-Me
Head position Sn-Sm/TH
Facial convexity G-Sn-Pg
Total facial convexity G-Prn-Pg
Glabella pogonion vertical G-Pg/TV