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Table 1 Landmarks, abbreviations and reference lines employed in this study

From: Angular photogrammetric analysis of the soft tissue profile in 12-year-old southern Chinese

Abbreviations Landmark/reference point
G Glabella
N Nasion
Prn Pronasal
Cm Columella
Sn Subnasale
Ls Labiale Superius
Li Labiale Inferius
Sm Supramental
Pg Pogonion
Me Menton
C Cervical
Trg Tragus
sTV Superior point of true vertical
iTV Inferior point of true vertical
Ort Junction point of true vertical & true horizontal
Reference point and lines
True vertical sTV – iTV
True vertical in nasion N-Ort (parallel to TV through Nasion)
True horizontal Trg-Ort (perpendicular to TV through Trg)