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Table 1 Demographic (age, range for each group) and oral and saliva characteristics (PI, salivary flow, buffering capacity of saliva) of the samples at T0

From: In-office bacteria test for a microbial monitoring during the conventional and self-ligating orthodontic treatment

Variable Self-ligating brackets group Conventional brackets group Control group
Age (years) (range: 18–23 years) average 20.5, DS 1.62 (range: 18–23 years) average 19.8, DS 1.3 (range: 18–23 years) average 20.2, DS 2.1
PI (T0) 1 0 0 0
Salivary flow 2 59 51 50
(Sum of the individual scores at T0) (Sum of the individual scores at T0) (Sum of the individual scores at T0)
Buffering capacity of saliva 3 Middle capacity Middle-high capacity Middle capacity
  1. 1 For the PI variable, the scores are 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  2. 2 For the Salivary flow, the scores are: 1=<1; 2=1<x<1.5; 3=1.5<x<1.75; 4=1.75<x<2; 5=2<x<2.5; 6>2.5.
  3. 3 For the Buffering capacity of saliva, the scores are: 1=low; 2=middle-low; 3=middle; 4=middle-high; 5=high.