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Table 3 Radiographic and Histologic Features of BRONJ Lesions in Patients with RA

From: Epidemiological aspects of rheumatoid arthritis patients affected by oral bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws

Authors Radiographic features Histologic features
Marunick et al. [4]   
Patient 1 Osteolysis + sequestration Dense nonvital bone + subacutely inflamed granulation tissue + bacterial colonies
Yarom et al. [6]   
Patient 2 ID CLP inflammatory infiltrate + increased vascularity + necrotic bone + bacterial colonies (S. milleri)
Patient 3 ID CLP inflammatory infiltrate + increased vascularity + necrotic bone + bacterial colonies (S. viridans)
Malden & Pai [7]   
Patient 4 Thickening of the left sinus floor and bone density alteration (suggestion of a retained root in the upper left second PM) Sclerotic and necrotic bone
Khamaisi et al. [8]   
Patient 5 NA NA
Marx et al. [9]   
Patient 6 NA NA
Patient 7 NA NA
Patient 8 NA NA
Hamada [10]   
Patient 9 NA NA
Barrow [11]   
Patient 10 Widening of the PLS NA
Junquera et al. [12]   
Patient 12a Generalized lytic pattern of bone destruction with superimposed sclerosis of the mandibular ramus Necrotic osteitis + mixed infiltrate of lymphocytes and granulocytes + medular fibrosis + numerous Actinomyces colonies
Patient 12b   
Mehanna et al. [13]   
Patient 13 Marked right neck collection with free gas and midline shift Normal skin flora with scanty diphtheroids
Favia et al. [14]   
Patient 14a ID NA
Patient 14b ID NA
Kwon et al. [15]   
Patient 15 Osteomyelitis characteristics NA
Sedghizadeh et al. [16]   
Patient 16 Ill-defined lytic lesion NA
Lo et al. [17]   
Patient 17 Sequestration osteosclerosis, focal osteolysis with cortical disruption Actinomyces
Patient 18 Irregular area of bony sclerosis NA
Shin et al. [18]   
Patient 19 Alveolar bone resorption with internal scattered residual bone fragments, widening of LPS, and radiolucent lesion NA
Park et al. [19]   
Patient 20 Ill-defined lytic lesion Necrotic bone + acute and chronic non- specific inflammation + granulation formation
Patient 21 Ill-defined lytic lesion Necrotic bone
Patient 22 Ill-defined lytic lesion, mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesions NONE
Manfredi et al.[20]   
Patient 23   
Patient 24 NA NA
Patient 25   
Patient 26   
Conte-Neto et al. [21]   
Patient 27 Radiolucent lesions and sequestration Necrotic lamellar bone + chronic and acute inflammatory cells + bacterial colonies
Patient 28 Osteosclerosis and osteolysis NA
  1. ID Impossible to determine, CLP chronic lympho-plasmacytic, NA not available, PLS periodontal ligament space, PM premolar