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Figure 4

From: In vitro analysis of the cytotoxicity and the antimicrobial effect of four endodontic sealers

Figure 4

The reaction of the PDL fibroblasts to GuttaFlow, Endosequence BC, Pulp Canal Sealer EWT and AH Plus Jet, stained with Phallacidin/DAPI (magnification A, B and D ×200, C ×100, bar = 100 μm) (A-D, upper panels) and with Calcein-AM/Ethidium homodimer II (magnification E, G and H ×200, F ×100, bar = 100 μm) (E-H, lower panels) is shown. DAPI- stains the nucleus blue, and Phallacidin counterstains the cytoplasm green. The intact membrane of live cells is not permeable for Ethidium homodimer II.

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