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Table 3 Quick reference simplified set of SEMG data for screening purposes.

From: Surface electromyography as a screening method for evaluation of dysphagia and odynophagia

Disorder   SEMG locations   
  MS SUB INF Additional peculiarity
  T A S T A S T A S  
Neurological ↑ ↓ Abn ↑ ↓ Abn ↑ N N Disorganized Peaks*
Ent N N N N ↓ Abn N ↑ N Multiple Peaks**
Maxillofacial (Oral)*** ↑ ↓ Abn ↑ N N ↑ N N  
Gastroenterological N N N ↑ N Abn ↑ ↑ Abn Regurgitation Peaks
Psychogenic**** N N N N N N N N N Shoulder Tension
  1. Abbreviations: MS – masseter electrode location, SUB – submental electrode location, INF – infrahyoid electrode location; T – timing, A – electric amplitude, S – shape of a graphic record; N – normal, AbN – abnormal, ↑ – higher than normal, ↓ – lower than normal.
  2. * Appearance of MS, SUB and INF peaks is not coordinated
  3. ** One bolus can be swallowed in several shares
  4. *** Including salivary gland diseases
  5. **** Excluding malingering