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Table 1 Comparison between swallowing studies options in respect to radiation, timing and cost

From: Surface electromyography as a screening method for evaluation of dysphagia and odynophagia

Procedure Radiation Time Cost
Barium Esophagram Yes Moderate Moderate
Air Contrast Esophagram Yes Moderate Moderate
Manometry No Time-consuming Inexpensive
Manofluorography Yes Time-consuming Expensive
FEESST No Time-consuming Expensive
Bolus Scintigraphy Yes Moderate Moderate
Ultrasonography No Moderate Expensive
VESS No Time-consuming Inexpensive
VFSS Yes Time-consuming Expensive
Surface EMG No Time-saving Inexpensive
  1. * Goes in two stages, the examination is videotaped and then again analyzed.
  2. ** in addition to radiologist, speech pathologists must be present.