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Table 2 Reported cases of pigmented calcifying odontogenic cyst in the literature2, modified)

From: A pigmented calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor associated with compound odontoma: a case report and review of literature

Author and Year Age Sex Site Race/Nationality Odontoma
Lurie HI(1961)* 23 F Max Bantu Complex
Gorlin et al.(1964)* 16 M Max Unknown  
Duckworth & Seward(1965) 24 F Max Negro  
Abrams & Howell(1968)* 21 F Max Caucasian  
Chandi & Simon(1970)* 27 M Man From India  
Sauk(1972) 64 M Man Unknown  
Petri and Stump(1976)* 11 F Max Negro  
Saito et al.(1982) 13 M Man Japanese  
  9 F Man Japanese Compound
  35 F Max Japanese  
Nagao et al.(1982) 13 F Man Japanese Complex
Somes(1982)* 15 F Man West Indian  
Schwimmer et al.(1983) 13 M Man Hispanic  
Takeda et al.(1985b)* 21 M Max Japanese  
Keszler & Guglielmotti(1987) 15 F Max Unknown Composite
Siar & Ng (1987)* 16 F Max Chinese Compound
  31 M Max Indian  
  68 F Man Malay  
Takeda et al.(1990) 17 M Man Japanese  
  11 F Man Japanese  
  1. * Studies with special staining to melanin pigmentation.