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Table 1 Common categories of facial pain

From: Current algorithm for the surgical treatment of facial pain

   Tension headache
   Migraine and equivalents
Cluster headache
Non-neurogenic pain
   TMJ pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
   Idiopathic TN (TN type 1)
   Secondary TN (symptomatic TN)
Atypical trigeminal neuralgia (TN type 2)
Trigeminal neuropathic pain
   Trigeminal injury (unintentional, incidental trauma)
   Postherpetic neuralgia
   Anesthesia dolorosa/trigeminal deafferentation pain (intentional deafferentation)
Other cranial neuralgias and other clinical syndromes
   Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
   Sudden unilateral neuralgiform pain with conjunctival injection and tearing
   Eagle syndrome (elongated styloid process)
   Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (cavernous sinus/orbital apex inflammation)
   Gradenigo syndrome (petrous apex syndrome)
   Ramsay-Hunt syndrome (herpetic infection of nervus intermedius)
   Raeder (paratrigeminal) syndrome
Cancer-related facial pain
Atypical facial pain (somatoform pain disorder)
The list presented here is given for purposes of illustration of the algorithm described in this article. It is by no means comprehensive and the order of conditions does not reflect their incidence or severity.