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Figure 3

From: Unilateral congenital elongation of the cervical part of the internal carotid artery with kinking and looping: two case reports and review of the literature

Figure 3

Inferior view of the base of the brain removed from the cranial cavity with its roof and parts of the floor of the posterior cranial fossa. 1 – enlarged left vertebral artery (VA); 2 – small right VA; 3 – basilar artery; 4 – upper end of cervical portion of right internal carotid artery (ICA); 5 – inferior wall of right carotid canal (CC) in petrous bone; 6 – superior wall of left CC in petrous bone; 7 – part of right ICA corresponding to foramen lacerum; 8 – cavernous part of right ICA; 9 – right middle meningeal artery in endosteal layer of dura mater; 10 – upper end of right internal jugular vein; 11 – medulla oblongata; 12 – basal part of mastoid process; 13 – dura matter (DM) on inferior surfaces of temporal lobes; 14 – DM on inferior surfaces of frontal lobes

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