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Figure 3

From: A new technique for mandibular osteotomy

Figure 3

Radiographic comparison. A. Lateral extra-oral radiograph for preoperative cephalometric investigation of a retrognathic patient. Skeletal image of the retropositioned mandible can be seen in type II occlusal relationship. Soft structures show characteristic deep mentolabial sulcus and small facial height. B. Postoperative lateral extra-oral radiograph. Alveolar osteotomy can be seen from 32 to 42, associated to advancement and clockwise rotation of the mandible making up a maxilla-combined surgery. The surgery begins at the mandible. Rigid fixation miniplates measuring 2 mm are used in an extension of six holes for an advancement of 13 mm. On the maxilla, 1.5 mm rigid fixation may be observed. Soft tissue profile in accordance with skeletal results. In the naso-oro-hypopharyngeal regions, pre- and postoperative images show transversal increase of the area. This result is supported by respiratory improvement, as clinically reported by the patient.

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