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Figure 2

From: A new technique for mandibular osteotomy

Figure 2

Transoperative characteristics. A. Osteotomy extending from medial aspect of the ascending ramus above the lingula, over the oblique external line to the mesial face of the permanent first molar. This cut is then extended vertically to the lower border of the mandible. The winding tracing is noteworthy. B. Separation of fragments after bone split. Larger extension of lateral segment and, in consequence, larger surface for bone contact. Exposition of the cruent area, including in its extension the neurovascular bundle; mental nerve. C. Complete liberation of osteotomized segments, allowing ample sliding between them. The lateral external segment of mandibular ramus and body is shown. Its extension and magnitude are noteworthy. Cruent area clearly visible in the depth of the bone surgical wound. Mandibular body. D. Application of miniplate and screw end surgical procedure in one of the sides. The sequence is repeated in the opposite side.

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