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Table 1 Interdisciplinary treatment concept for patients with Apert syndrome at the University Hospital of Münster (individual adaptions allowed).

From: The spectrum of Apert syndrome: phenotype, particularities in orthodontic treatment, and characteristics of orthognathic surgery

Stage Age Procedure
1 3–6 months Eradicative-osteoclastic method [35]
2 7–10 years LeFort III osteotomy +
Frontal advancement +
Protraction face mask immediately postoperatively for 6–12 months (rapid stenosis, problems with anchorage of the orthodontic appliance due to exfoliation of deciduous teeth, and eruption of permanent teeth)
Early LeFort III osteotomy might help to avoid a (second) LeFort III osteotomy at stage 5, and thus reduce surgical risks.
3 > 9 years Extraction therapy
4 > 10 years Orthodontic treatment (preparation for orthognathic surgery), retention
5 > 16 years Orthognathic surgery