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Figure 4

From: Microvascular engineering in perfusion culture: immunohistochemistry and CLSM findings

Figure 4

CLSM images of perfused and rotated specimen. Laser scanning micrographs showing the three-dimensional aspect of the capillary-like network in the luminal region of the vessel wall. In perfused specimens, the capillary-like network has a physiological, interconnected appearance (A), whereas in the rotated specimen from the same experiment (B) capillary-like structures are short and interrupted. Note the concentric organisation of capillary-like structures around the vessel lumen under pulsatile perfusion. In both cases, micrographs show the inner luminal portion. lu = central lumen of the vessel equivalent. Length of the pictures = 800 μm, maximum projection of a 60 μm deep scan, UEA-I-TRITC labelling, green excitation.

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