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Table 2 Correlation between the optic nerve sheath, eyeball, and optic canal anterior (orbital) opening measurements (in mm)

From: Quantitative relations between the eyeball, the optic nerve, and the optic canal important for intracranial pressure monitoring

Correlation between Right eye Left eye
  r r
Distal ONSD*/ETD 0.74 0.69
Middle ONSD**/ETD 0.79 0.77
Proximal ONS area***/OC lumen area 0.82 0.84
ONS area at lumen/OC area at the lumen 0.96 0.95
  1. *3 mm behind the globe.
  2. **10 mm behind the globe.
  3. ***3 mm before entering the anterior lumen of the optic canal.
  4. ETD – eyeball transverse diameter.
  5. OC – optic canal.