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Figure 3

From: Biocompatibility of three bioabsorbable membranes assessed in FGH fibroblasts and human osteoblast like cells culture

Figure 3

SEM analysis. (A) PLA membrane showing separation between the fibers. (B) COL1 surface showing more regular structure with some pores. (C) COL2 showing woof of small fibers and more layers. (D) Attachment time 24h osteoblast cell beginning to emit small cytoplasmic expansion in PLA. (E) Attachment time 24h COL1 and some rounded SaOs-2 cell with initial lamellopodia represented with arrow in the image. (F) Attachment time 24h COL2 revealing rounded osteoblast. (G) Attachment time 24h PLA showing fibroblast adhesion with cytoplasm expansion (H) Attachment time 24h COL1 fibroblasts were also observed flatted, beginning to look like a star format. (I) Attachment time 24h COL2 round shaped fibroblasts were observed.

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